Rt. Rev. Mara Sophia

Master Teacher in Milwaukee, WI

Spiritual Teacher Mara Sophia Mystical Church of Christ

Rt.Rev. Mara Sophia is a wisdom Teacher and mystic Gnostic teaching the ancient Christian Mysteries. She has Ordained and anointed many Priests, Masters, and other spiritual leaders.

As a transpersonal psychologist and ordained Master Teacher, her principle instruction is conscious transformation and spiritual awakening. She specializes in meditation, Dream Yoga, and other modalities. She uses self inquiry and the non-dual teaching as they encourage self discovery.

Mara has studied both Eastern and Western philosophy and is a psychologist with a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and Divinity. While she is now retired, she continues to serve those who are seeking spiritual awakening.  She emphasizes that you can be free and liberated, “Self Realized” in this life time.

“I love philosophy of all kinds and I value a good education. However I really enjoy giving self inquiry, simple meditation, spiritual exercises and question and answers. There is nothing like seeing the face and the deep shining ocean eyes of one who has discovered the True Self.  Meditation is more than a peaceful practice. It is the porthole through which the essence of all life is realized. Welcome to living your meditation.”


Master Mara is CH.T. Ph.D. She is the founder of the Center of Gnostic Wisdom in Milwaukee, WI. In addition, Master Mara teaches several of the ministers of the Mystical Church of Christ. She can be reached at drcarolweis@gmail.com

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