The Chicago Mystical Church of Christ

Located in the Northcenter neighborhood on Chicago’s Northside

The Mystical Church of Christ currently offers classes and Services in Chicago. We began in July of 2013 when Reverend Andrew Shykofsky opened meditate (on N. Lincoln Avenue). He wanted to draw people who were interested in spiritual growth, specifically through meditation and yoga.

Hundreds of people over the 4 year period that meditate operated attended both yoga and meditation classes. Some of those who completed the meditation courses found themselves drawn to explore a deeper level of personal growth but including God as part of the process.

During the time that meditate was open, The Mystical Church of Christ began by offering weekday classes (following the meditation classes) as well as Sunday Services and other special Holiday Services. There was no formal website for The Mystical Church at that time.

In August of 2017, Andrew closed meditate and the meeting place for The Mystical Church of Christ was moved to a newly built chapel close by in the Northcenter neighborhood. For more details on how to attend classes and Services in Chigcago, please email;

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