Our Mystical Church Community Meet some of the people who attend our church. Hear their testimonies of personal transformation
Spiritual Community is Important

“What if our loneliness is the result not simply of needing a partner but of needing people? We are made in the image of a relational God; it makes sense that we possess the desire to be together.

~Debra Fileta (Author, Licensed Counselor)
Matt Several years ago, I began researching mediation as a means of helping to deal with physical pain.... Read More
Sandra I found the Mystical Church of Christ after becoming a regular student to the meditation courses offered at Meditate in Chicago... Read More
Patrick I joined the Mystical Church of Christ in 2015 and I am very gratefull I did... Read More
James I found the Mystical Church simply by doing a Google search for ‘meditation’ in Chicago... Read More
Daria My earthly relationships are more stable and filled with joy and love because I have gained a deeper understanding of myself... Read More
Serena For just about all of my life, I have loved God, have volunteered my time to help others and had been a regular attendee of traditional Christian churches either Catholic, Non-Denominational or Lutheran.  However, I often suspected that sermons and homilies didn’t delve deeply enough into scripture to reveal the multi-layered truths that I felt sure lay beneath.  Read More