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As You Grow in Consciousness, Your Social Life Will Change

The Mystical Path is Filled with Ups and Downs. Your Social Life will be Affected.

Perhaps by now you’ve recognized that not everyone wants to dig deep into their own soul and find out everything that is happening in there. In fact, it can seem like very few people are drawn inward to address the issues that hinder them. And even fewer want to go beyond their issues to form a real relationship with God.

In a certain mystical ministerial ordination ceremony, the candidate being ordained is reminded that relying on human beings to meet their needs will result in bitter disappointment. Take this to heart! If deep inside yourself you’re hoping to fix your issues and find a romantic partner or a super reliable friend who will meet the needs that have been unmet all your life, to be loved, respected, cared for, encouraged, etc, be advised; you are traveling a slippery slope.

This is particularly true if you are drawn to improve yourself through raising your own consciousness.  You will see more, feel more and expect more when you are more in tune with the deep truth of your own soul. Don’t apply this pressure on to those who haven’t consented to it.

Social and Familial Relationships are Vital no Matter how Spiritual You Are

We are definitely supposed to be in relationships, be they friends, family or romantic. But we are instructed to turn to God as the source of all, not the people in our social circles. This is all well and good so long as things are going along relatively smoothly but becomes much harder when we face disappointments or things take a turn seemingly against us. Once we slip into emotional imbalance, we often look around for comfort from others and mysteriously forget about God.

There is a famous book called The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. Jesus talked about the narrow path that leads to heaven. Remember that there are forces within us that know without a doubt that we must walk the path back to God. We must fulfill a deeper purpose. Do you feel something like this brewing in you that is possibly beyond your explanation?

Don’t abandon such a righteous motivation! Accept that in exchange for experiencing the miracles of a life in God, something has to be sacrificed. For as Jesus also said, we can’t serve two masters. We can’t love the worldly life, and flip into the world mind at night in order to have fun and then flip back to our Christ Consciousness in the morning and be good servants once again.

Is Life Good or is LIfe Hard?

We have all heard the sorts of expressions like ‘Life is Hard’ as well as ‘Life is Good’. Well, life is Good AND life is Hard. It wasn’t supposed to be this difficult but unfortunately, society has evolved to a point where God is hardly valued. Even though a greater majority believe in some sort of Higher Power, the word God is very often met with a negative reaction because of how it has been talked about, taught and used to harm people.

Most people are not striving to find God and put God at the center of their lives. In essence, people are living by their wits, and their emotions and these are actually very unpredictable devices to live from.

God is rock solid in terms of being the one thing everyone wants…Love. God is Love and thus if we put God at the center of everything in our life, we are guaranteed to become more loving and attract more love. But what if 90% of the people aren’t doing such a thing? It creates a fairly large gap in our social communities, and many here have begun to experience the effects of this gap.

As you put God at the center, you find certain activities begin to lose their appeal. This is simply because they don’t feel right anymore. Let’s consider alcohol.

 With God in the mix, your energetic vibration increases and the downward pulling energy of alcohol doesn’t feel so good anymore. Take alcohol out of socializing and all of a sudden, people think you’ve got a problem. More likely, they feel awkward when you are making a stand against something they value. Your abstinence is calling it negative and thus they may have to contend with that energy while they are trying to forget themselves and indulge. Can become a bit of a buzzkill.

This is a good example of what happens as you choose a more conscious life. Your choice has an effect on what you do, think and say. You begin to notice things about your friends that before didn’t bother you. You may begin to feel meanness, anger, self righteousness or disrespect in their actions and words even if incredibly subtle.

How do you address that? What if someone tells you something that happened and they want some consolation for how they were wronged. But inside, you can feel that they actually caused the problem by their own unconscious attitude? How awkward is that?

Your Growth in Consciousness Creates Division

The problem now creates a dividing line. Will you be true to your new awareness and commitment to the Truth, or will you seek the approval and care of friends at the expense of your deeper knowing? This is particularly hard at the beginning because of the stark contrast as you invite more Light into your being. The Light does what it does and that is to show everything up. It shows up the good things and the bad. When you work with Light, you become a source of it for people in need. We focus on the fact that bringing more Light into our beings means we can help and love more people.

Think of it this way… a 25 year old man who is used to partying on the weekends walks into a crowded bar, sees everyone drinking, the music is loud, there are many women present that he considers attractive and he gets pulled into it. It’s an environment where he thrives and so a good feeling develops in him.

If by contrast, he was hoping to party and accidentally walked into a library where he had to be quiet and people looked boring, immersed in their books, he might find a negative feeling develop, a frustration and impatience since it’s not his scene. He wants the action! Let’s not imagine that he is making the wrong choice but be like God and allow others their free will.

The Light you Take On Affects those Around you

When you are moving into a deeper consciousness and have God at the Center, you radiate a certain vibration, like it or not. Beyond your control, the Light you have built up around you is shining on the spiritual level and people will sense something. You don’t have to maintain that consciousness and you can drop to the level of the people around you at any time, but at what cost?

If you stay true to what you are becoming, you will begin to affect people and not everyone is going to like it. Most won’t really notice much change and won’t validate it either. If anything, you might find that people just aren’t that interested in what’s going on for you. But what about the 1 in 20 person that benefits from your Light? This is where things can get hard.

Here you are, coming alive and finding things in you, both good and bad that are leading to great internal liberation. You are nurturing the good stuff and seeing it grow. You are giving over the bad stuff to God and coming to see yourself more clearly. In the Christian language, we say you are born again.

Even though this sometimes has a bit of a funny feeling, the truth is that putting God at the center of your life is like getting a whole new life. The challenge is to let the old life die and really embrace the new. It sure would help if your friends and family were excited for you and receptive to hearing what is happening.

Sadly, your new life often is misconstrued because they are seeing things through the filters of their consciousness that doesn’t necessarily know God or want to know God. We are opening up and feeling incredibly liberated, wishing for our loved ones and friends to be happy for us. But more often than not, they could care less or they become concerned that we are involved in something detrimental. This can hurt.

How to Deal with Changes in Personal Relationships

Let’s talk about how we can deal with the changes in our personal relationships as we grow spiritually. First off, it takes a mature person to even consider a real spiritual path and be able to weigh the consequences of such a choice. When you begin to feel lonely for connection with other folks and they simply aren’t around, train yourself to accept this pain as part of the conscious sacrifice. This is another way to become like Jesus who suffered the worst fate of anyone because He committed to fulfill His Mission. He died a torturous death for the greater cause of saving humanity. Let’s look to Him as our example of what is possible.

While it might be hard to feel the noble cause on those lonely nights that used to be fun and easy, remember that we are to store up our treasures in Heaven, so we are learning to delay gratification, another sign of spiritual maturity.

Next, make a drastic reduction in your expectations of what others in your life are going to do. This is not an across the board assumption that everyone is going to let you down. We actually must hold the possibility that people will rise to the opportunities that come before them.

If we could just decide everyone will let us down, what merit is there in that? That would be too easy. No, we must show up to every situation hopeful in what might happen and ready to support all efforts of others to increase in their own consciousness.

But the odds over the years reveal that most people default to the easy route. This is where your practice of forgiveness is really important to develop and refresh. People will let you down. They will say they can do this or that but when the moment of truth comes, many will choose their own interests over yours or more accurately, God’s.

They will find ways to twist the truth and not take responsibility for their actions. In some cases, they will make you the reason for their failures. They may become angry when the truth is mirrored back to them and lash out. Remember, we are trained to forgive, not 7 times, but 70 times 7.

By contrast, we are learning to discern when it is important to put others ahead of ourselves. We are learning to make our word the law meaning when we say something, we must follow through. We are joining into a movement that is beyond the understanding of the mind, which is the complete shift of consciousness of what is happening on the Earth.

The Light is increasing as Heaven is being merged into Earth. This Light is showing up all that is dark and the distinction between the sides is growing much more apparent. Without the obvious physical evidence that we look for in the material realm, we must have a strong faith that the choice to be a child of the Light is ultimately correct.

Be Guided By Jesus’ Gospels

The 4 Gospel are our manual for what we can expect as we take this on. This is where we gain our strength. The mind can’t comprehend how it is that things Jesus said and did over 2000 years ago exactly parallel what we go through today in modern times as our consciousness grows. We experience greater conviction and become more solid in our Christ Consciousness as we continue to choose the life of the path.

Again though, most of those around us don’t. And so we feel the pull of being left out of the worldly fun that happens around us. We have to come to our decision based on a deep knowing and remember with great certainty why we chose this Way. Then when things get hard because we aren’t like everyone else, and people don’t give a darn about what we are going through, we turn to God within. We can turn to Jesus while on our knees and cry out, “I am suffering oh Lord on account of Your Name! I want my life in You my God so take my burden and help me through this night and this day.” Accept the trials and bear the difficulty as a spiritual warrior!

Can you be one of these people? Yes, you absolutely can. For this life brings with it unexplainable miracles, inner joys and powers that are based in love to truly help and serve our brothers and sisters who are in need. You might rarely get a word of thanks or praise for your service but you will feel God’s smile upon you if you turn inside and ask, “how did I do?”.

The Price will be Some Emotional Hardship

It is so crucial, that we accept the emotional hardship of the conscious life and really recognize that we are asking to be shaped and molded so we might be the very thing that brings hope to others. Isn’t this what people want, to find meaning in life by being the helpful hand, or word, or hug or support that another deeply needs?

Most people in this world want to help. It just so happens that we really want to, and thus we are being trained to help in much deeper and subtler ways. For this to work, God knows we must have the tools, and the side effect of these tools is that some people distance themselves from us. We are bringing the consciousness of God into the room and no one needs to know how it got there for Its very Presence will shake things up. See the change in your life when you accept that you can do this and make it your number one priority.

We are drawn to the life that makes our own life a living sacrifice. And a sacrifice means we must give something up for the sake of a higher purpose. What do you gain in return? Jesus said you who lose your life for His sake will find eternal life. This means that choosing the real Christian Path, where we seek to be Christ-like opens the door to the higher initiations and through these experiences, our devotion and our service, we find the mystery of God revealed in us. We are given the ok to enter Heaven and once there, we find that it is not what we imagined.