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How Prayer Works

Prayer is about Learning to Work with the Christ Force Consciously

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There comes a day when we realize that every word that comes out of our mouths is a form of prayer. This is the gift we have been given as a creation of God and as a co-creator with God. This is fairly easy to relate to when we think about asking for something. If I fall on my knees, close my eyes and raise my arms in a gesture of humility, and then say, ‘God, please give me this thing I want” we all recognize that as a prayer.

But what about when I say something to my friend over a coffee such as, “You know how it goes. Every time I try to start something new, everything goes wrong and there’s no sense in even trying.” Or “That guy is such a loser. He has no idea what he’s doing.”

These also are prayers and the more we believe in them, the stronger a prayer we are making. Do you want to begin a new project with a prayer that expects things to go poorly? Do you really want to pray against another person by criticizing and judging them? When it is explained in this way, most people quickly recognize that they don’t want to be putting things out that call forth a negative action.

In the world of the conscious spiritual seeker, everything becomes heightened meaning we become much more aware of everything we are doing. We have asked for the Light of Christ to shine upon us which brings joy and upliftment but also shows up those areas that are not yet transformed. In fact, agreeing to be taught is a prayer to God to help you see as much as you can handle about yourself so you can learn how to be who and what you really are.

We are souls with the creative power of God instilled right into us. This means that what we emanate energetically will manifest. This is a great liberation because it truly is the end of victim mentality. It is also the beginning of a whole new level of responsibility.

It is the end of victim mentality because we recognize that no matter what is going on in our lives, we can trace it back and know that we are responsible for creating it. Now this is a teaching that often triggers a reaction in people. How can the horrific things going on here on our planet be our responsibility? It ties back to the Law of Karma. And keep in mind, we live multiple times so God is keeping track of our prayers over the long term.

Negative Actions are a From of Prayer

Here is a way to think about it. Imagine a person who decided to engage in the sex trade in a foreign country where it is practically legal. Perhaps they visit a brothel and pay to have sex with a child which is sadly very common. This action constitutes a prayer. What kind of prayer is that? It is a person saying that it is ok to use another sexually for their personal gratification regardless of how that other person feels or what they might want.Regardless if this person paying for sex knew that what they were doing was wrong, they would be allowing their desire nature to trump their consciousness.

In God’s infinite love for us, God allows us to act on our free will. However the Law of Karma is in effect and at some point, this person must experience what they have put out. They are inviting the very same experience to come upon themselves in that, at some point, they will be used for the sexual gratification of another regardless of how they feel or what they want.

And that might span into their next life. Take it one step further and think about the person who begins to make money by trafficking other people for forced labor and sexuality. What is that prayer calling into manifestation?

By following this method of thinking, it isn’t that hard to see why there is so much cruelty and destruction in our world. Our lives are littered with negativity. We speak countless insults and criticisms against each other every day and God help us if our thoughts were exposed! Remember that any thought or word that separates us from a brother or a sister for whatever reason (race, religion, income, education, appearance etc) is a prayer that solidifies a certain dynamic on Earth.

Now let’s consider the other direction. What about thoughts of unity and acceptance? What about words that sing praises and gratitude to God and to other people for all that is good? What about expecting and calling forth a smooth path for your prayer to manifest by your thoughts, words and actions? How amazing would life on this planet be if we all supported each other’s true mission and helped however we could? What a prayer that would be!

Most would say it’s impossible, never going to happen. And they believe they are just being realistic but in fact they would be praying for their very attitude to become even more solid. For those who seek to live in God, with God, we all know that with God, all things are possible. So why would we ever say something is impossible? There’s no reason to.

Let’s consider that the prayer of the world is still quite negative. The televised and publicized news is a good indication of what people want for their news. But we don’t have to join in, nor do we have to complain about the state of things. Remember that complaining is also a prayer and it carries an energy of the victim. God reads not only the words but the energy of the one speaking. Are you ready to defy the world by praying ceaselessly for that which pleases God?

Your Life now is a Representation of your Prayers

Begin by looking around at your life and saying objectively, ‘what I have in my life is exactly what I have prayed for.’ This is the truth. The romantic partner in your life is a manifestation of what you believe is best for you, what you feel worthy of or simply, a mirror image of the level of consciousness where you are at presently. Your income and prosperity as reflected by your lifestyle indicate your understanding and acceptance of the abundance that is available to all souls on Earth.

Before you fall into a despairing state, recognize that there is great wisdom to be revealed by owning the manifestations of our prayers. We can begin to change what we are praying for by recognizing and becoming conscious of the energies below the surface that are the deeper prayers.

For example, a person might desire to earn more income and they even pray sincerely for the opportunity. The next step is to walk out into the world and fulfill the prayer. Often times, this means improving yourself through education or presenting yourself in a more refined way. In other words, our actions must support our prayers. We make the prayer but then we have to do something! Then we are fully aligned with God’s Laws and God can gracefully give us what we ask for.

Let’s think about a man who wants to find a wife. He tells his friend that he is tired of meeting women who are only looking for fun, who are aloof or shallow and not interested in a steady relationship. His friend encourages him to pray that he might find the kind of woman that he could love and eventually marry. Then when the weekend comes, the man starts drinking and preparing to go to the bar. His friend asks him why he is doing that since he wants to meet a different kind of woman. He says, ‘yeah, but not on the weekend!’

So his prayer is conflicted. Part of him wants a more responsible woman and part of him wants to live the party life. This lack of consistency can be called a weak prayer and one that yields unsatisfying results.

The law of prayer is such that we must get clear about what we want. And we must align our thoughts, words and actions in consistent support of the prayer we are making. It is not enough to think clearly or to say exactly what we want. We must also walk in the way of our prayer. This demands faith! But I can assure you that aligning the three is when you will move the mountains that Jesus spoke of.

How the Trinity Represents the Way Prayers Manifest

The Trinity is the perfect model for how prayer works. Many people know the Trinity as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But few know what it represents and how to make use of it. God has provided a brilliant system that allows us to create and live the life we want. When we choose things that are in accord with God’s Way for us, we get the bonus of His Grace to help us.

The Trinity is a model for the three aspects of God and how God’s creative system works. We have the Father (or Father/Mother) at the top, the Creator of all and the source of all that ever was, is and will be. So we begin by looking up (within ourselves) to this most high part and communicating our praise and gratitude for the Loving Being that wishes to fulfill our holy desire. We make contact with the Father/Mother and honor our place as a child of the Most High.

The Son or as the mystics say, The Christ is an aspect of God that make it easier for us to interact with God. For most people, God is very difficult to conceive of. The traditional religious image of God as an old man with the beard in the sky is much like the myth of Santa Claus. It might be sufficient for a child’s thinking but once we begin to reason for ourselves, it doesn’t really make sense.

God has given us a way to communicate with Him through the inner presence of Christ. Until one has that relationship, Jesus and Mary act as the Mediators between us and God. Remember that Jesus said He was The Word. This is Jesus mediating God for us and acting as the voice of God but through a human form so we can receive it clearly and without error. When we want something, we ask for what we want directly to Them and it’s really the same as asking God. Or we can ask in the name of Jesus or the name of Mary and this is us acknowledging the Mediators as part of God’s holy trinity.

Another way to think of this is that we use the Word, a tool that God gave us (and this can be done silently in mind as well) to express our desire. There must be a medium for God to receive our prayer and this is the Mediator or the Son. Now this is a mystical principle; that Jesus and Mary were given the roles as Mediators. Their Spirits form the atmosphere around the planet and so as we communicate our prayer, it passes through Them and to God. Our intention thus must pass through Them and it is by Their Grace that the prayer is given the go-ahead. We ask in the name of Jesus or Mary as we have been taught thus acknowledging that They have a say in the matter.

This is probably the hardest part to explain because it is so beyond our understanding as humans. But God chose Jesus and Mary to take on the Christ and Sophia roles of our planet. They earned the rights to be sovereigns of the planet by completing the Missions given to them. Upon finishing their earthly lives, God raised them up to be like Gods of Earth which is why we can pray to God or Jesus or Mary and it is pretty much the same. They act as God’s of our planet while never claiming to be THE God.

The final piece is the Holy Spirit. This is the manifestation of the prayer from concept in the immaterial brought forth into physical manifestation. The Holy Spirit is an active aspect of God that brings all the elements needed together in order that our prayer may become reality. It might be helpful to think of the Holy Spirit in this way. When we make a prayer, we ask God for a manifestation to occur. That prayer sets in motion a series of energies that eventually lead to that prayer being answered. So the Holy Spirit is like the hands and feet of God, whispering thoughts in people’s minds and influencing manifestation in a certain direction.

The Holy Spirit might bring forth feelings from within that lead us or others to make certain decisions in support of that prayer. It might stir up an intuition, a gut feeling that compels us to do something or not do something which is part of the prayer being answered.  The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways to coordinate all the events on the Earth such that everyone is getting exactly what we are praying for. How incredible is that!

So I want to encourage you to become conscious of the Trinity and learn to work with it. Begin to monitor your words and the energy behind them. When you want to make a strong prayer because your heart’s desire is longing for something, find that deep longing within yourself and use it to formulate your prayer. The more true feeling you put into the prayer, the stronger it becomes.

Lastly, the tone of your voice is also very important. You must train yourself to speak with confidence and project in a voice that calls your prayer forth with spirit. We are meant to be strong co-creators with God. A weak sounding voice is missing the vibrational element that gives that prayer a kick.

As you begin to master the art and science of prayer, you will see miracles occur all around you. But more importantly, you will know beyond a doubt how real God is and the laws God has given us to live under. They are laws of love.