What is The Mystical Church of Christ?

A Unique Approach to Spirituality and Worship

The Mystical Church of Christ was formed in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois and continued in Charleston, SC in 2028. We currently are not offering classes or services and have not planned to resume overing classes and services at this time.  Our teachings were created to provide a pathway for souls seeking dramatic transformation into Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness may be simply defined as the conscious awareness of Christ as an inner Presence that is the source of Love, Light and Life in every human soul. Through meditation, devotion and the study of the Gospels, anyone can transform and discover in a real way the Kingdom of God which Jesus taught about.

The mystical approach means to explore one’s inner world and thus to move beyond the identification of oneself as egocentric, ruled by an undisciplined mind and negative emotions.

Following the path of the ancients which Jesus called The Way, every seeker will come to realize the consciousness of their soul and learn to manage their mind and emotions through practice and the guidance of a true spiritual Teacher.

Spiritual Teacher in the Mystical Church of Christ As one continues along the Spiritual Path, spiritual initiations are given to assist you in opening further to the mysterious and glorious power of the God Self (which is synonymous to the Christ Within).

The Priests and Master Teachers of The Mystical Church of Christ have been trained and ordained to administer the Solar Initiations which include Baptism, Illumination and Self Realization in addition to Holy Communion  whereby the Body and Blood of Christ are transmuted and served.

The Mystical Church of Christ may also be defined as a Mystery School or Wisdom School in the same tradition of the Ancients. It provides tools, guidance and community for those souls who long for the Truth and somehow know that it can be accessed within.

This is the mystery that human beings have not understood, that developing one’s meditation practice, and working with a spiritual Teacher, a dedicated soul will arrive at the inner source of Truth often called the Self. When Jesus spoke about the Dominion of Heaven existing within us, this is the place he was teaching about.

In fact, it can be hard if not impossible to get there just by reading books and practicing on one’s own. We need help. In addition, having help is complimented by being in the midst of other souls on the same journey, a spiritual community. Our church exists for those who want to make that journey, sometimes called The Road Less Traveled. Or as Jesus put it, Entering through the Narrow Gate.

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