Several years ago, I began researching meditation as a means of helping to deal with physical pain. I had endured several surgeries related to old sports injuries and I was growing tired of treating them with pain killers or more surgery.


After reading some of the reviews for Andrew’s classes online I was very excited to sign up. Soon after the first few classes, I began to notice that meditation could certainly help my physical ailments, but the real potential was in addressing some of my emotional and psychological wounds of the past.


As I began to explore some of my thoughts and behaviors, I noticed quite a bit of anxiety, anger and depression. I tried to clean this up on my own, but often felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I kind of meandered along until being introduced to the Mystical Church of Christ.


As I began to learn from Jesus’ teachings how these old wounds created a whole system of self destructive beliefs and tendencies, I felt so much hope and enthusiasm. Bringing God into my life allowed me to see things clearly that had simmered under the surface for years.


I am not sure how or why God lead me to the Christian Mystical Path, but I am eternally grateful. It hasn’t been easy at times to see how I have hurt others in the past, but my entire worldview has changed, and that allows me to be confident that I have transformed and can leave the old fear-based life behind.


This life allows me the possibility of a lifetime of growth and experiences I never would have had if I had maintained the old way of life. Getting to know Andrew and the other members of our church has enriched my life so much, and made me a better husband, father and friend. To have a method based in meditation, prayer and love for dealing with the difficult times is immensely valuable, and the support from the community has helped me work through issues quickly and without turning to old vices.


Overall, this Path liberated me from an unfulfilled life grounded in ego and worldly matters, and has allowed me to pursue a rich life of love, service and growth.