Mystical Church of Christ in Chicago CommunityI joined the Mystical Church of Christ about 3 years ago (2015) and I am very grateful I did! I had recently turned 40 years old and was starting to feel something was missing in my life. I found my soul mate, I was successful in my career, and I had a nice car and house. But for some reason these things were somehow just not enough for me anymore.

I was starting to see that I was not happy.  I came to realize that I could no longer find happiness in people or possessions, but needed to look inward. The only problem was I had no idea how to do that.  I began to read spirituality books in my spare time and slowly started to see that meditation and inward reflection was somehow related to happiness.

Eventually I came across the Mystical Church of Christ through a friend.  This is where I really started to learn and practice meditation. It was a chance to turn inward and focus my mind. It started slowly: meeting like-minded people, finding the time and energy to practice. But things started to change for the better.

Once I was meditating regularly I started going to Sunday Services which are amazing. A few years back I decided religion was sort of ‘off’ and always knew that there was a better way. The Sunday Services are really special in that the Bible teachings are very specific to finding your path in life and finding peace within.

I am very grateful to the Mystical Church of Christ for helping me find a true relationship with God! The combination of meditation, attending regular Services and Communion is the way to find true happiness.