Sandra is a student at Mystical Church of Christ

I found the Mystical Church of Christ after becoming a regular student to the meditation courses offered at Meditate in Chicago. I was dedicated to learning a meditation practice, and I followed the process diligently to incorporate meditation into my daily life.

I became aware of the Mystical Church after attending a church service invited by Reverend Andrew, and was curious to know more about this personal relationship I can have with God. I had this unexplainable draw to attend more Services to deepen my understanding of Christ, and how my practice of meditation could be incorporated.

I have found greater truth in my life while being a community member and student of the Mystical Church of Christ. My life has drastically transformed these past two years in becoming a more conscious spiritual woman. My dedicated involvement to the church  continues to strengthen my personal connection to God and my faith, as well as having a supportive and loving community that feels like family. The abundance I have received from  our church is unlike anything I’ve ever experience within other churches.

From my own experience I can say if you are curious, just show up. Whether that be showing up for a class, a Service, or a discussion with Reverend Andrew about exploring Christian Mysticism. Take the first step to see if it resonates with you. Until you make the first step to seek it out, and show up, you will never know the personal and unique experience it could be for you.