For just about all of my life, I have loved God, have volunteered my time to help others and had been a regular attendee of traditional Christian churches either Catholic, Non-Denominational or Lutheran.  However, I often suspected that sermons and homilies didn’t delve deeply enough into scripture to reveal the multi-layered truths that I felt sure lay beneath.


I also felt that when various ministers tried to articulate the meaning of mysteries such as the Trinity, the Resurrection and the Mission of Jesus, what was shared by different ministers at different times could sometimes drastically conflict or even feel superficial or like circular reasoning.


As I moved into my 40’s, while my professional career as an engineer began to thrive, I began to feel spiritually unsatisfied. At the same time, I felt drawn to explore the possibility of a more direct and meaningful relationship with God through the “eastern” technique of meditation. I began looking on line for resources to guide me and found Meditate and the Mystical Church of Christ.

At Meditate I learned techniques through a kind, step-by-step approach that allowed me to gradually quiet the noise in my head and meditate in a way that enabled me to focus on single things that I wanted to explore in a simpler but also clearer way.


Through guided, weekly Bible contemplation at the Mystical Church, in combination with my developing meditation practice, I began to slowly understand some of the profound truths that lie at the heart of the words and mission of Jesus.These truths feel satisfying, consistent with each other (and even with truths revealed by eastern paths such as Hinduism,) inclusive and fully in tune with love and compassion.


While I had always considered myself to be a kind and “good” person, these truths began to nevertheless challenge me in terms of how I moved and interacted with others.I decided to become a student to learn how to specifically apply to my own life truth that I was uncovering so that I could love others and God more fully and eventually become a clearer channel through which others might experience God’s love.</p?

While being on this Path is a work in progress, I feel satisfied that with each day I grow closer to God.


If discovering spiritual Truth, deepening your connection to God and learning how to more fully reflect God in the world sounds appealing to you, then I encourage you to explore Christian Mysticism.