The Spiritual Path

How Does it Work?

Those who are drawn to the spiritual path (as offered at the Mystical Church of Christ) are encouraged to participate in meditation sessions, classes and Services as desired. Because of the intimate nature of our community, there is great enthusiasm and those interested tend to become very committed to attending multiple events each week. The Mystical Church of Christ offers different levels of participation according to a participant’s proclivity. All are welcome to attend as much as they want.

Mystical Church Spiritual Path

What Does the Spiritual Path Entail?

Participants may choose to follow a specific path in order to accelerate their connection to soul and the experience of Self Realization. This path proceeds in this order*;

  • Initial attendance at some bible classes and/or Sunday Services
  • Request for (Life) Retrospection and Baptism
  • Retrospection process with weekly meetings
  • Initiation of Baptism
  • Option to become a spiritual student (generally available about 6 weeks or more following Baptism)
  • Taking of Life Vows of Service
  • Initiation of Illumination
  • Request/Offer to begin Ministry Training
  • Ordination as a minister Deacon
  • Initiation of Self Realization
  • Request/Offer to begin Priest Training
  • Ordination into the Priesthood under the Holy Order of the Golden Cross

*Variations of this order are possible.

Attendees are encouraged to follow the path they feel called to. The Mystical Church of Christ has created a safe environment for members to pursue deep healing from internal suffering and reclaim their lives through spiritual direction and self-dedication.

Student Life

If an applicant becomes a student, they are provided the next steps of the journey and, of their own free will, follow the direction of the ministers. The ministers provide the student with spiritual direction, specific exercises and practices.

All students are encouraged to practice freely, understanding that personal responsibility is a choice. Accountability is a strength not an obligation. It is a skill developed through patience, humility and transparency which eventually leads to mastery. Being a student involves committing to certain guidelines and, in receiving direct teaching from a Priest or Teacher, they will grow and evolve faster.

Those not interested in becoming students may request the next step of their journey and the ministers will provide the appropriate feedback or direction. All steps along the way are considered ‘at will’ and thus nothing is obligatory*.

*Note: We do not support coercion, oppression, or manipulation of community members’ lives, personal choices, or decisions. This includes community members’ finances, property, privacy and sexual orientation. Sexual harassment or sexual crimes of adults or children will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.